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Sunny Flowers For those days…

Sometimes you don’t feel like smiling. Out of the blue, someone smiles and your day changes. You realize that there are lots of smiles inside of you.

I know that I should probably be painitng with thicker artist paper. I’m starting to like the texture from the 20 Ib paper. The yellow petals with the pink dot creates a happy vibe. Today I used my index finger. Was it my left or right? Right. Theres’s hearts, fingerpainting and friendship. I want to paint like this forever.

You could do fall colors. Have a field of flowers. They’d make good decorations for tea or brunch? I have a few more hand painitng ideas…I painted some leaves. Reminds me of window displays at Anthropologie stores. Collaboration dreams. Thursday’s post will be a review of all of the flowers. I have had such a good time painting with my hands. It’s always interesting to try a new brush.

Stay safe. I’ll see you tomorrow. If you want to subscribe, the link is above. It’s my birthday week.