Creative Exploration

Use The Tools You Have

I like this tool. definitely a keeper. Good paint mixter too.

Today’s lesson began with the work in progress pile.

There are three piles.

  • I’m excited
  • work in progress,
  • good.

There is a fourth pile. It’s in the trash.

Before vs. After

When I paint with good paper it’s usually for the excited pile. I am loving copy paper. I never thought to use it for exploration. Wow, it’s so free.

I can see the beautful differnece between the copy paper and the vision paper. Copy paper surprises me too. For the remainder of the week I’ll be sharing all the thumbprint. and finger printing flowers. I still have a few more ideas for tomorrow.

I’m glad my palette was happy today. I’m happiest when I create.

To creaate your own flowers you can use a sponge/foam brush. Remove the sponge. Next week I’ll be using the sponge part. You could use a fork handle or a plastic knife. So many ways. That’s the point!