Creative Exploration

Why do you trash your art?

I was ready to mix up yellow ochre watercolor for the Little Deer flowers. I haven’t used my watercolors in weeks. It’s been a week. I like to paint!

What am I repainting these? The tooothpick dots, are beautiful. I don’t paint lime yellows or greens Yellow Ochre and yellow orange are for me. Happiness. Friendship. Quench. All the words that connect with MY IDEAS. My expressions.

These Little Deers are good for the book. And to think I was going to waste a new sheet of watercolor paper to repaint these. I like them for the book.

Why do you want to trash this? Why do you believe you made a misktake?

Le’s see,

Not the exact color.

The shapes are different.

I could have painted these to look more like the photo.

Why would I want to do that? I painted what I felt. I painted how I saw them. Now I have another good quote. On with another, a tie dye flower.

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