Creative Exploration

Let go

Everything I thought I knew about art? Let it go. Not exactly. Only the nonsense.

I always thought I needed permission because I didn’t go to art school. I didn’t create genius drawings at the age of 5. My always observing and asking why, love of color and poetic thoughts are why I AM AN ARTIST AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

Today I let go with dots. These are my stampers.

A flower that symbolizes land and water? A dot flower with the feel of a kid who proudly drew because she wanted to. Seems like a good flower for a let the kid play idea. The third has this let go vibe. Go for a walk. Let the wind in your hair. Allow it to take away all the doubt and nonsense.

I want to paint the dot flower again. Think about the color. I plan to create and create. Once I have 100s of ideas I’ll go over them and let even more ideas emerge. What happens if I apply the paint in a series of dots and then smudge? Interesting how letting go and creating leads me right to the ideas I very much think about.

I believe I have found something good. Really good!

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