Creative Exploration

A world full of ideas

Would I rather have a set list to check off or build a list as I go? I like knowing direction and then letting my curiosity take over. I prefer why over how?

I painted these with a q–tip. I could have easily used chopsticks or a toothpick. The lesson was on using these to develop fonts. I could use these to paint flowers! I should write with a branch!

I have used the back of my sumi brush.

I have tons of ideas. Corita taught a wonderful idea. Playing with tools and techniques allows you to explore, imagine, be curious, and connect. I like asking why, always have and always will. There are so many ways to paint flowers. As you paint you discover ideas that perhaps you always wanted to express. Perhaps you didn’t realize you could or you had creative block. I don’t believe in creative block.

Our talents are with us. We need to practice them and make.

These flowers seem to say together we will. Together we shall. Juntos

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