Creative Exploration

What to do when your art sucks?

You take a break.

Two attempts at painting the bear and all trashed. The angle was all wrong. There were many all wrongs. I went from one idea to the next. What happened to the bear I wanted to paint? Oh yes, it got lost between I have to have an idea for the blog and this bear looks awful. What were my intentions anyway? Sometimes there’s bad days. I stopped for a moment and said ok, so you can’t draw a bear right now, what can you draw?

Tomorrow’s another day. I think I’ll paint the elephant. These sketches are perfect for what should have been my awesome post on taking two opposites to express an idea. To the world you might have a huge neck or be misunderstood because yoou’re a big guy.

These animals are unique and it’s because of this uniqueness that animals have what they need to thrive. The same can be said about us. Without the long neck how could a giraff eat the trees they love? I ask you. what makes you unique? Take the differences and make beautiful art! More on the idea behind the elephant tomorrow.

Wednesday I will begin 100 ways to flower power. I have a list. I need about 50 more ideas.