Creative Exploration

Give The Shape A Name

You take basic shapes and describe/draw them. The challenge is to come up with as many as you can. Then take a tour around the house. What a fun game to play with children. Observe and draw inspiration from the world around you. Kids are experts with this. I LOVE music. Of course records.

The record is a good one. An artist mentioned how lyrics are full of lies.:

I can’t live without you.

You make me feel so insecure

You better like me or well both be sorry.

Just want to look good for you

Nonsense. I want to look good for me! No one should make you feel insecure. IF they do, then drop them.

…and I thought it was going to be easy drawing a record. Three circles and some tempera paint, how hard could it be. I guess I made it work. The soft pastel one, what a mess! What a great day! One dea led to the next. Sure I had an idea but this happened.

These are some of my favorite lyrics. Do you know the songs? How about the dots?

I love love this idea. I want this to be a poster. The layout needs work. Let me go start a poster board on pinterest. Tomorrow round 2 on this idea. This time let the paint dry between layers. I could start a series on these?I’ll be finishing the week with a few other assignments. Next week I really need to begin the flowers.

Oh, I can add pan dulce to the circle!