Creative Exploration

Drawing Flowers- Day 6

Why did I throw away the little ornament that made the coolest flowers?

You can create flowers with just about everything including a simple thumbprint.

I am here creating out of love. I feel at peace in nature. I used blocks, paintbrush handles, watercolor, pencils, ink, acrylic, toothpicks and other odds and ends. That was fun! Not sure how I feel about today’s flowers . Working on such a small sheet of paper is hard. I don’t have room to play. I really liked the apple activity.

I didn’t know what to do so I just painted. The colors are beautiful and certainly makes me stop, admire and breath. Once in a while we need to stop and say, “It’s ok that I feel down today but let’s look for brighter days. Nevermind the gray background mess. This was good practice. I was discracted today. Mistakes turned into beautiful flowers. It’s always the unexpected and original that interest me.

The purple flower is my favorite! I lik all the flowers but I do have to make changes.