Creative Exploration

My Pink Chair

To sit in this chair, looking in the mirror. You’ve got to know…know the song about make-up and a little prayer. You have all the beauty to conquer today. The lipstick and blush are simply frosting on the cake.

A book filled with thoughts like these are so good for You Are Loved. All illustrations are done. Words are yet to be written. I’ve got details. I have words but that’ll change.

All the projects good or terrible, have been part of the story. Many times I throw out an idea when it doesn’t work out on paper. There’s a lesson in every drawing. Let yourself go. Be Free. Learn what you can and MOVE ON. One of two situations happens. You keep iterating but you toss it with the strength of knowing you have a better idea. Or it works out. Sure I could reflect on the wasted paint and paper. I can’t do both.

When an idea fails, it’s not the idea that fails. We fail. We fail to see .