Creative Exploration

Kosher Salt + Watercolor

This beautiful place is a reef in Austrailia. The colors are my favorite. Layering shades of blue with a little purple worked out so well. I want to organize a shelf full of ideas for texture. I’d like a table where I can paint outside. What a great idea for the coming summer. Maybe I should?

This post doesn’t even do the color justice. This is so beautiful to look at. I like playing with different tools not knowing what to expect. Tomorrow I want to create one of the designs using texture paper.

I’ve been learning about color. Really learning about how color tells the story. One of the ideas is to analyze an artist’s color palette. I thought of my favorites. Then it’s back to my work. I will be doing that later on. I do know that I use blues, greens, yellows and browns the most. Lately it’s been purple? I love nature but I could use whatever colors I want? Which makes what I want to say so much more important.

I know that I like blues. So why should this beautiful place be in You Are Loved.

Surrounded by such beauty, how can one not feel peace and love. What a color palette. What a breath of fresh air. Sometimes the only way to see such beauty is from the outside in. How can we see this and not know that I am the universe. How dare we live as though they are them and I am me.

Just my thoughts because I can’t wait to turn the pages of You Are Loved and see this heart.Next week I should be done with all the paintings and get started on designing my own font.