Creative Exploration

Barn Owl + Love

Many edits later I realize trusting in an idea means there’s a chance you will be wrong. I should not have referenced the photo.

There was nothing wrong with my sketch. Sure I need to observe stance and shape. Something happens and I start copying, literally.

AND so I kept working and playing. I almost had it. Come to think if it, I had a few good iterations and yet I kept on going. The lettering was all wrong. After 30 minutes of digital fixing, this is where I pause. I get it.

I love the right wing and face from the first attempt. The feathers on the right side are a happy mistake. Of course I will paint this again. I like the blue and yellow-brown blending on the head. No matter how much I tweaked…

I’m not aiming for perfection or realisim, just a beautiful bird to express my thoughts. What am I thinking? I did some reasearch. I had no idea how huge and beautiful a Barn Owl’s wingspan is. They can can also see excellent in darkeness.

That’s it, that is exactly why I want this bird in the You Are Loved book. I believe we have both of these qualities within us. The only way to arrive at I’ll sprout my wings and fly where I choose and conquer darkness, is self love. Oh and this love comes from being part of this universe. We are born with the latter.

Maybe today’s work wasn’t a fail after all. My bird looks like it needs a bath. Yes, let’s contiune with a fresh start. I do have all the right pieces to this puzzle.