Creative Exploration

Lessons in Creativity

Saw a post on painting rocks. I liked it. I did some research. In the afternoon I painted.

First layer is color. I added a 2nd layer with drops of vibrant ink.

Third round is details.
I just wanted to play and think. Rocks symbolize the meaning harden not your heart. Strength. I chose these symbols of strength. It would be cool to actually paint rocks and walk past them every day.

Not sure about the flower but the pink is good. I did another layer of pencil and markers to create more contrast. The fourth layer of acrylic brought everything together. The piece is almost finished. On each rock I will write a word that means strengh. So far I have honesty, integrity, creativity, knowledge and peace. Serenity seems to be on my mind too.

So I ‘ve learned:

  • watercolor paper is important and lucklily I can use the cheap stuff most of the time
  • going slooow and letting layers dry before the next is key
  • layering or glazing as some call it is part of my process
  • I like Bob Ross’ happy misttakes.

I keep visualizing the finished book. This illustration will be good in the book. These could be stickers. I like it. You Are Loved is going to be a good book.