Creative Exploration

Looking Back

I had lots of ideas. One of my favorites is Sin Soledad. I never feel alone when I am in nature. I like creating. Creating brings me such joy. This week I want to focus on more creative exploration. The podcasts keep telling me to create from flow. I want to learn all I can about typography, texture, design and creating my own fonts for books. I have and forgot how much I know about these topics already.

I have an itch to redo my website. The Ted Talk about purpose was inpiring. How can I unite my personal purpose to my creative work?

Note to Self

Some of the work you love the most isn’t perfect. There’s no definite baseline. The process didn’t go according to plan. Yes you had ideas but the ideas came from borrowed techniques. Steal Like An Artist is a great book on this topic. I wrote this book for me. It was a journal for all the thoughts that I needed to read and feel so I create. Remeber the artist who said that. Lots of artists say the same. Another artist was tired of people talking about her curly hair so she expressed that in art.

Now there’s an empty canvas with your signature on it. What are you going to say?

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