notes on lettering love

One word art. I take a word and express my thoughts with ideas, color and texture. Why do these notes taking first try seem better than the final. I think I thought too much. There’s a clear diference between thinking of a plan vs thinking with a whole lot of should I’s. The final is plain. This first draft has a hypie, love groovy vibe that I dig.

In today’s podcast I heard the word flow. In today’s module I heard flow. Flow is important. Michaelangelo said,”It is necessary to keep one’s compass in one’s eyes and not in the hand, for the hands execute, but the eye judges.”

This was good practice today but nothing more. I realize that I enjoy painting so much more when I let one idea flow to the next. Somewhere I wrote down that I want to be able to freely create with the hand and the heart. Makes more sense to let curisoity guide me. I can try out different tools and see what works. The more I practice the more I can just let ideas flow. Here’s to lots more mistakes. Not every idea is going to work. BUT every idea is part of the process that leads to the right idea.

Thanks for reading. Every day there’s more of you!