Creative Exploration

Daily Prompt-Exilir

What breaths life into me? What an easy question! Art. Flowers. Love. Music. Books. I am creating every day. Art makes me happy. I’ve been creating for a long time and can’t imagine not creating. I like the paint. I love color. It’s knowing that I can take a plain canvas and make it my own. Art feeds my curiosity. All of my favorite things feed my curiosity. Curiosity and imagination are what give me life.

When things go wrong I imagine what they could be, will be and are. When it comes to my favorite book, it’s being transported to a new world. When it comes to flowers, I’m curious about the shape, color and then I wonder about tree, people, animals…

It’s the artist in me that knows this world is a beautiful place. Why even the snakes who give me the creeps have their own respect. The very phrase I keep going back to feeds my curiosity and imagination. I’m inspired to keep on creating!

Nature has given you the means to command respect. It is us who choose not to use those means.