Creative Exploration

even when you don’t feel like it

hand lettered quote for self care

My colored pencils are drawing great things for me these days. I go from collage to pencils. Oh yeah I’ll be doing some lettering with sharpie markers. I painted a lilly on this page and it came out awful. SO I mixed up leftover paint and applied it to the page. I love doing these. Not sure why?

hand lettering

I’ve been sketching on tracing paper. I went from sketch to pink tones.

ink pen sketches

When you begin to fear, doubt, get angry, engage in the wrong, just let go. Enjoy. When I say enjoy I mean, be the state of curiosity that makes you smile and gives you, I can do this. I’ll be all right. I was thinking of the circus. I believe that in every successful idea there must be this state of curiosity and play. To take an idea and make it real, you have to be free.

Ok now I’ll do some reading. I have been taking Design courses. I’m learning so much! Can’t believe it’s been a week. This weekend I’ll be reviewing Different Is Beautiful. Oh I need to add new work to the shop.

Thanks for reading.