Creative Exploration

Create more of what you know how to do?

Again, not sure why, but I tried to paid Calla Lillies shading and all. I had mixed uo some beautiful color. The flowers were terrible. They wern’t that bad. Yes they were and here’s why. I didn’t really want to paint them. The flowers are pretty but I much rather paint these.

Intead of throwing out the paper. I painted over it.

painted flowers in shades of pink

Noe of course I need to scan, erase and put the pieces to the puzzle.

Now this is the painting that I enjoy! This is what I want to do more of. I have much to think about this week. Whar ahould I do with the lovely textture paper. Yes I had another sheet that I had to paint over. Both of these will go into the You Are Loved and sporadic hearts natured themed project. Yeah sounds good. At this Point all I want is to contiune creative exploration. This a great project to help me do that.

Have a great week! I still haven’t figured out if 6:30 am or pm is a good posting time? Time to paint!