Creative Exploration

Firefly Squid

One of the most amazing wonders is the Firefly Squid. The Ribbon Eel has its own respect. All lovely creatures and wonders. I’m glad I wrote Different Is Beautiful. This book gave me the opportunity to create collage animals. That led me to collage lettering. I like the sporaticness of it all. Never really knowing how your letters will look.

You just go with an idea and choose the color. Some pieces don’t work out but you learn, you grow.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy most. I’m thinking about what tools I use. What tools do I really enjoy working with? I know there needs to be changes. As I paint today, I’ll keep that in mind. I painted these fireflies on a sheet of copy paper. I mixed up blue, purple and black. I painted using a flat brush. Yes there are a few layers, the idea in my head wasn’t happening. When I used the splatter method and glued the yellow scrap, everything came together.