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Daily Prompt – Book

If there is ever anything in the world you want to know, it’s in a book. Arabian Nights, Wonderlands, Castles, Apothecary, you can have an adventure. Books have and will forever be the cheapest means of learning, escaping and dreaming.

I have tons and tons of ideas in my head. There’s so much in written words. Books are a treasure. Books have taught me some of the most important skills. Books are doors which lead into the artist’world for generations to come.

So here I am having written a few books of my own. I write for the joy. I write because there’s this sense that it had to be written. I write because I want to. Writing and creating brings me such joy! My latest idea is this book. The color and sporadic lettering simply represent what this book is about.

Here’s another potential for the paperback. Wait I’ll create one now. Right now all that’s available is the ebook.

Happy Dance! I love this paperback cover.

bookcover with butterfly

I do love the blue texture I painted! Well now I guess I know what to do with it. New print for the shop? YES! Only instead of the font, I write my own letters. Different Is Beautiful print coming soon! I am playing with ink and sumi brushes today.

Different Is Beautiful celebrates every element in nature. I use color and texture to create collage animals that illustrate the beauty that comes from being YOU. The world is filled with wonderful color, patterns, skills, talent and uniqueness that well… what would the world be without out this beauty.

There’s so much beauty in this book. I should share more of it. I will. Two to three days a week I’ll post creative exploration.

Thanks for reading!

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