Creative Exploration

Butterfly + Blush Brush

This butterfly was painted in layers. The first is liquid watercolor/ink. These ink pigments are very vibrant. I used two acrylic colors to add layers and blend with a blush brush. I could have just as easily painted a layer of acrylic paint instead of the ink. I applied the paint in a swirl motion. I wet the brush a little and then wiped most of the water. As I pick up color. I blob and swirl the paint around. Since I know that red and blue make purple, I create these tones. This is so simple and beutiful!

mixed media butterfly with wings

This is an easy project. I first created this in my creative exploration journal. Now this bird is in Different Is Beautiful. Aside from relaxing, you can practice color mixing and see what happens. I probably should have gone with a lighter pink then blue and end with a vibrant pink.

I really like this idea but I wasn’t happy with the wings.

Now I need to clean up the butterfly and make some very minor changes before I add this to my shop. A sticker would be cool?

We are days away from Easter. I will think of a fun Easter project. Maybe a bunny cake?