Creative Exploration

Bleeding Hearts

Peach tone swatches

I set out to paint these flowers and nope it didn’t happen. Here’s why. I tried to replicate a reference photo. I ended up painting with the thoughts in my head rather than just painting with hands. Truth is I don’t care about paninting a perfectly perfect pear. I have seen that work on towels and ceramics at Anthropologie. It’s beautifuL.

painng pvals in shades of pink and orange

One afternoon I sat and painted. I took a flat brush and swiped left and right to make the oval shapes. I mixed up the colors. Everything from the shape to the color gives this a sporadically fun rhythm. I smiled when I needed it the most. I definitely want to paint more of these. Oh, this would be a cool way to do Easter eggs, triangles or hearts. I painted a beautiful butterfly. Well it’s halfway done.

The more you paint the more ideas just happen.

Thanks for reading! It’s almost Easter and I’m curious how others will be celebrating indoors. #hellomireya share photos with me.