Creative Exploration

Highlighter + Watercolor

Sometimes you try to paint the picture you see. Sometimes you just paint.

Love alwasy knows lettering
write your message with a highligher marker and then add watercolor carefully mixing marker with the paint.

All of my ideas have somehow come to me. If you’ve read Elizabeth Gilbert then you know exactly what I mean. When this happens I create. If it’s a book then it lingers until I write it down. Are these projects perfect. No but usually the color, rythm and the message make me smile. I read Different Is Beautiful last night and I was impressed. Not because I wrote the book but because I felt what I could only hope my work makes you feel.

I share much of my work here because even it it’s bad I still believe that it’s good practice. When you try too hard you see it in the work. Yes work hard, but if you do it with the intention of you’re not good enough then what’s the point. You are going to make mistakes. Don’t alter that artist who just wrote that amazing song in a few hours momentum. I’m reminded of several students who just like to draw. They draw and erase and erase and draw. All the while they keep going because it’s a joy.

Deep breaths. It’s been an emotional days. I have ups and downs but I am human. I am a dreamer. I am a beautiful soul. So are you.

Starting today you can get the ebook for free . Deal ends Sunday. Keep creating. Have a blog? I’d love to see your work.