Creative Exploration

Street (Daily Prompt 4)

I love strolling down the the street. No voices except the ones coming from leaves dancing wih the breeze. The sun shows up. I know that everything’s going to be ok. If it isn’t well, with every breath it will be. Oh yes sometimes the joy is interuppted by a car who keeps on going.

The quietest streets are the ones in midnight dreams. With my feet off the ground, I’m among city lights. What a symphony. No fear. No doubt. Just me roaming where I please. I haven’t had that dream in a while. Yesturday I walked down the street. Instantly I felt home and two seconds later a mask.

Is there anywhere in the world I could go. Perhaps Neverland. Perhaps the fields of Switzerland. Yes I just watched The Sound Of Music. Perhaps go back in the time of my favorite novela, mid 19th century. These aren’t streets I know but if only there was a street that held a secret door to each of these places. Wait I want to roam Diagon Alley too.

These are Daily Prompts from WordPress and I’ll be answering these on the weekends. Next week I’ll be posting more projects.

Here’s a fun project form the past.