Creative Exploration

Song (Discover Prompt)

( This will be off the top of my head and from the heart.)

Song is music and music is a universal language. We can all be in a room, different ethnicity, langage perspective or purpose. Yet we are all dancing and singing to the same beat. A song, a good one is like art. Art makes us feel, laugh, love, hope, dream, relate, cry and I can think of many of days and nights where I danced till the morn. Or dancing to Chritmas bells. There is a Christmas, a song a dance in every day! Songs empower you to move. Sometimes all you want to do is lay still praying and needed the moon and the stars to hug you.

Everybody’s got a song.

I love to sing and I love to dace and so I sing with paint.

Today’s post will post this evening.