Creative Exploration

Acrylic + Pastels

Before I share today’s project I want to say thank you and be grateful for what I have.

I did this piece with Pentel oil pastels. At $3 for 12 they are an inexpensive beginner set. These are great for simple detailed work. I don’t like the crumble. I’ll probably redo the design but on better paper and work on the color scheme. The colors are too bright. I combined two origial designs that didn’t work on their own. I pasted the clover on the tree and it worked. This is a a great idea! I had fun working on this project. I’m filling my scrapbook with ideas. I didn’t like the blue in my pastel set. The acrylic paint worked well. I love just having all of my supplies and being ready to try a tool if another doesn’t work out.

This is a swatch from a set I used during art class. Eventually I’ll stock up on individual colors that create a smoother finish. I do like the texture of oil pastels.

As a reminder my books are available. Have a good day!