Ebook Preview

The ebook is here. I am so proud of the book. This book is available for 2.99 for a limited time. I’m adding a few changes before I release the paperback. Today I worked on a few more collages. Maybe the peacock should make the cover? BUT I like the blue too much. This reminds me of me. I’m good with color. I enjoy color, I’m great with ideas. It’s the how part that I go back and forth with.

The best tool we have as artists is to trust in ourselves. We have to trust ourselves to create our best work. These days I get an ideas and if it works great. If the ideas is a flop then who cares. I take notes and never lose hope. Hope is action.

Today recharge by listening to a podcast. Two awesome ones are Creative REBELS and James Victorie. Well James goeas live daily on instagram. Lots more work to come. More creative exploration ideas. I’ve been busy and loving every moment. I added a new shop section to my projects page. The other paperback is also available here.

Have a good day! Enjoy the book. What are you working on? tag me on instagram @hellomireya.