You are Light

It’s been some good weeks since I read Different Is Beautiful. This is a great book. This book made me think, smile and laugh. I can only hope it will do the same for you. Tomorrow I need to organzie the sequence. Let the editing fun begin! I’m going to be paining some textures. Not sure if I should keep this? There is darkness and light. Interestingly the fish seems to have these two rectangle lights that radiate. Maybe I should keep this?

Any way the idea for this page is that one fish, one you, can make a difference. These days we may feel small not knowing what our purpose is. The truth is you can always make a difference. You must always choose. I love the idea! There’s lots of them in the book.

Oh there’s lots of changes to my site and more to come!

Stay healthy! See you tomorrow.

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A visionary artist who paints blooms of optimism. She paints using watercolor, acrylic and fun tools like paper rolls. She's a tea drinker who's curious about everything in nature. Every day she creates and is her place where she learns to trust her ideas, create from her authenticity and documents her process because we are all artists.