Creative Exploration

Random Texture Idea

I had some leftover paint from the tree I painted yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to paint and then, why not? It’s fun to see what happens.

Press the paper on the plate and rub.

This is what happens when the paint is almost dry.

I added a little water to the plate. I love this pink.

I pressed a new sheet of paper into the paint I pressed the paper into the plate two times. In between presses I added more water to the plate. Here’s what it looks like dry. I like the texture. The dry paint created the circle patterns. Maybe I could create a butterfly. Oh wait, there’s this quote about us all having these wings to fly. Maybe?

I had to use every last drop of paint.

I do have an idea! I want to paint some blue texture paper for the butterfly. These days I spend my mornings reading, writing and updating art. In the afternoon I paint. That’s what you’ll be seeing for awhile. This technique is fun and easy because you never know what you’ll get.

Thanks for reading. Every week there’s more and more of you. Stay healthy. See you tomorrow.