Creative Exploration

How many ways to draw a leaf

This idea all started with creative exploration. I shared that post here. Basically you divide a page in small squares. In each you explore ideas. I really like the idea of dark textures and white ink.

Truth be told, I saw a pencil pouch with this same pattern and that led to the first page of the Earth loves you. Not sure I’m going to call the book that but it works for now.

Yes I have been deep in thought,sometimes worry. Then I walk in nature. The flowers and leaves make me smile. I miss that so much. I still go for walks but I’ve been painitng spring. This idea is that leaves can be anything you want them to be. The choice is yours. There are countless ways to draw, paint or sketch a leaf. You could do collage with newspaper magazines or Eric Carly style. You could stamp them or wait, use fallen leaves to stamp with. I could go on and on. That’s the point. Learn to draw. Then draw what you please! DRAW THE WAY YOU WANT TO DRAW. We do that as kids and then somehow we start drawing what we think we should. Byt theway the color looks amazing and it will when I scan it.

The crazy thing is I’m not one for details like this. I don’t like adult coloring books. I sat. With every white ink stroke, I felt peace. I honestly felt good. Today I looked at my work and thought, Wow this is good. Who knew I could paint like this. I love painting. This week I’ll share my hand lettering and quotes. My big tasks this week are to edit Different Is Beautiful and paint illustrations for the next book. I’m thinking of writng simple hand written notes to self?

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