Creative Exploration

Creative Exploration

New tools and new techniques. This is an old image but it makes sense here too. I’ve begun creative exploraion. This weekend I painted mushrooms. I’ve just started the first layer.

I’m taking this skillshare course, Acrylic painting for beginners. This is a great course in using your paints for more than painting from the tube. Days before I had begun mixing blue with all the other colors in my palette. This class uses this technique to build a cohesive color scheme.

This week I’ll be making a list of ideas I want to try. I almost forgot I was working on painting nature made heart shapes. Today I saw a lovely variety of clouds. The hearts covered in gray clouds held a few hearts. Wait a minute, I have an idea. I can’t believe it’s the second week in March already. This week I’ll be working on cleaning up my files, getting rid of old work and building a to-do list. I’ll be positing some more collage work and ideas. You’ll see some of my lettering practice. I really want to test all of my brushes and see how they write. Maybe I should invest in some watercolor markers. I’m really interested in drawing my words with acrylic or maybe even color pencils. My acrylic writing sometimes looks great but most of the time its a mess. Do you know of any resources?

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Thanks for reading and subscribe. Spring is almost here! There’s lots to come.