Creative Exploration

Nature Is a Masterpiece

I recieved my editing copy and need to make a few changes to the color but…I LOVE it. This beautiful blue looks so good against a white backgroud.

The 6 X 9 book size is good. Not sure if the size will work for Different Is Beautiful.

The first page reads Nature is a masterpiece. The proceding page includes these guys. These animals are different but they come together so beautifully. The same can be said about us too. I’ve been thinking about adding some of the words from the books and creating prints. Now I’m working on my hand lettering. Projects lead to so many other projects. What I love most about my collage work is simplicity. I painted textures. I imagine pictures. I cut. I glued. When I read the Art of Eric Carle I was overcome with a sense of I can do that.