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Have I posted the Peacock?

Looking at the color and texture makes me smile. I need to finish editing the book. Monday I’ll post some of my favorite collage animals. Eric Carle inspired this crazy idea to fill a book with collage animals and create a story for them. I feel like I haven’t created much these days. The hardest part of writing a book has to be editing. You have this idea that keeps you motivated. You imagine the reader feeling what you feel. Little by little you write and create. One day you have a story. The next you have to figure out what to keep and what to let go.

I thought I had a good layout. Now I must go back and rearragne the last part of the book. Then there’s the language. Who was I writing this story for? How do I find the write words? I understand that this could make or break a story. I wrote this story for those who question their purpose. I wrote this story for those who dwell on acceptance or permissiom. I wrote this story for me. I wrote this story for you.

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