Creative Exploration

Oil Pastel Hearts

Oil Pastels are easy to work with. I had no plans. I want to work more with these. Here’s another idea that I wanted to fix.

I added layer upon layer thinking I had to fix it. The more I tried the messier it got. All I needed was a detail brush and acrylic paint to hand write the quote. I wanted to walk through my mistakes and end up with a masterpiece. Turns out I was closer to a masterpiece than I thought.

So as I being the sketching phase of the next book I’m reminded to go with my initial ideas and create the best way I know how. I still need to finish the editing for Different is Beautiful. I’m still learning to trust. Not every idea is worthy of a sale. Yet every idea is valuable!

Thank your for reading! In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing by process for writing books sharing more of Different Is Beautiful.