Creative Exploration


The process is what it’s all about. Taking the time to review and asses your journey allows you to see how much you’ve grown. So much work goes into perfecting a craft. It could be writing a song, story, movie or playing Basketball. Practice is how you become the best that you can be. Thanks Kobe.

Every doodle and idea takes time. Is it Michelangelo who described the idea of creating a statue as the form is already there? You just need to carve out the parts that don’t belong. Process helps you do this. Beautiful.

My Process

First the idea floats around in my head. Sometimes nagging me to be written. I draw a thinking map to gather my ideas. Then I start writing. I write and keep on writing. In between I go for walks. Heree’s the fun part. I am open to inspiration and let ideas happen. Ideas don’t just happen but because I am relaxed I can freely create.

I don’t know but last night I was amazed at how all the process work led to the awesome story about to be published.