Love Letter

I don’t feel much like writing but I do love this letter. This sprinkle of color seems like a good idea. I will be making a few minor changes to the book before I launch the You Live Your Story book on February 14th. I’m excited.

This is by far is THE BEST LAYOUT FOR THIS LETTER. LOVE THE COLOR. I simply had an idea and I went for it. I have to replicate only more color. But this is perfect.

I can’t believe I’m done with all of the collage animals. All I have to do is scan and add them to the book. I have a few days off next week and I’ll work on layout and design. For a moment I had no idea what book or project I’d work on after I finish my book Love. Of course I have tons of ideas. I always do. Spring is a good time to work on 21 ways to create a flower. Yes It will be an art book/ creativity/curisoity book. What a brilliant idea!

I am after all a self made artist. I will contiune to explore and grow. I have a beautiful new journal just waiting to be filled with wonderful color and texture. Oh I can tape the collage animals to save on a few journal pages. I can redo some of the techniques I learned about in the creative exploration class.

And I said I didn’t feel like writing. Ha.

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