About Creativity

In a conversation today, I was reminded of a powerful example for creativity. Come to think of it I’ve been thinking about the Lee school students and our awesome collage art. Yes, in both examples students had ideas. I had ideas. We turned those awesome ideas into beautiful art.

“I don’t know why I created. I just did” These words remain with me. The best work happens like this. The older you get the harder it is to shut off that voice in your head that tells you, your not enough. I struggle with this all the time. I think this may be the reason for not succeeding like I want. Wait a minute…

In the beginning of my collage work I wanted perfection and precision. Toward the end I let loose, referenced a few color schemes and played. I spent lots of time working on this book. I’m proud of my books. All of them.

Will I read my book for Read Across America? I should. Sometimes I can’t shut up about my art. Others times I’m at a loss of words.

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A visionary artist who paints blooms of optimism. She paints using watercolor, acrylic and fun tools like paper rolls. She's a tea drinker who's curious about everything in nature. Every day she creates and creativelyhue.com is her place where she learns to trust her ideas, create from her authenticity and documents her process because we are all artists.