Creative Exploration

Ending with a Poem

The last page of my book:

Be like the rooster. Make noise because you have to.

Be the Monarch who leads her tribe.

Be the Ostrich who courts his male.

Be the peacock who fears snakes but will fight them if need be.

Be like the butterfly who flutters wherever, but knows when to flock to Michoacan with the rest.

I’vr had so much fun working on this book but I feel it’s time to work on the next. I enjoy creating textures. Textures are an element that I must use to express my ideas. The sizing of the animals made collaging a tediousness experience. All the animals had to fit on a 5 by 7 size paper. If I create the animals bigger and scale down I could lose texture.I really need to think about the size of my book.