Creative Exploration

First Preview of the Book

The last pages of the book really sum up the reason for the book.

I used to look at others and think wow they have this wow factor. I’m not sure what my purpose is but I want that wow factor. I thought too long about what that factor may be. Now of course I believe they are just themselves. The world said no but they said yes. Yes, to my ideas. Yes, to my art. Yes, to ME.  THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT.

Some people may say this book is weird. When I think of all the research I did I laugh. Giving myself the creeps at midnight, looking up Viper Fish and having all of these Viper images pop up, I smile.

There is a world full of animals to explore. They are different, cool, weird, and crazy but you know what, all of the geniuses in the world are. The Wright Brothers had a crazy idea. I’m just an artist who feeds off of her curiosity.

My next book is about the heart shapes I sporadically notice. I believe it’s the world’s way of saying I love you.

These hearts are reminders, symbols of love and how we are. For the universe loves us as we are and are meant to be. I’m not sure why society twists the word weird up but…

The book ends with the poem.

I been through the third round of editing. I know there’s lots more to go. I’m happy. There’s a new book to write. More details coming next week! I am greatful for my readers and the ones yet to come. I believe I have reached my art goals this year. In 2020 there’s going to be even bigger ones.