Collage + Chat

As a teacher you teach but I must say that I often learn the value of letting go and most importatnly connecting…we are all human beings with a masterpiece to paint. We don’t want someone to tell us how to paint it.

Yeah I watched these students paint. Watching them, made me come to my senses. I’ve been looking at pictures and trying to replicate. Why do I insist on this terrible habit? It never works. Yes it’s good to see a sample but at one point you just have to dive right in and CREATE.

Much better today.

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A visionary artist who paints blooms of optimism. She paints using watercolor, acrylic and fun tools like paper rolls. She's a tea drinker who's curious about everything in nature. Every day she creates and is her place where she learns to trust her ideas, create from her authenticity and documents her process because we are all artists.