Creative Exploration

Fork Tree

Here’s another tree. Kiddos of all ages can have fun with this tree. All you need is a fork. You could create with a spoon but the texture would be different. I did use an old tube of paint. So there are visible clumps, which made for even better texture. Using water to spread the paint helps. Then I used a marker to add finishing touches. Wait a minute, I could add to this. I could decorate the tree with thin yarn and buttons. Or white beans. I mean beads but white beans could work too! Say! What an awesome idea. These would make perfect decorations for a party. You could use some kraft string or ribbon to create a garland.

What I love about all of my ideas is that they are just an idea that you can add to and change depending on the tools you have. I should put together a post featuring all of my trees. Yes next week.

On another note I can’t believe I finished the first rough draft of Weird Is Beautiful. I’m feeling vulnerable. Having second thoughts. Should I really say this or that? It all feels so personal. Maybe others will not understand me. Maybe I’ll upset someone with my point of views. I could go on and on but I won’t All I want is for my ideas, my art to be a token of self love. The love that inspires exactly the oppositve of the shenanigin thinking. I enjoy my art. Art makes me smile, lifts my confidnece. Always does. Always will.