Creative Exploration

Holiday Collage Art

So I didn’t exactly paint a tree tonight. My collage tree works and here’s why. Today I just, I can’t let go of the meaness that goes on. I speak of the new kids in school to the Jokers of the world. Here we are a week from this big holiday called Thanksgiving. We drive ourselves crazy cooking the perfect meal. We feel down when we don’t deliver. Then there’s the comments. Yeah. But that’s not what the holidays or any day is really about. Sure I long for the days of grandma cooking for us all. Yes she was a good cook but that’s not what I remember the most. What matters is you. What matters are people and their purpose. When we focus on us we care less about the dumb “stuff” Give love.

I really like collage. Should I illustrate this new book collage style? Wasn’t that the original plan?