Creative Exploration

Fall Leaves with Food Coloring

You will need droppers, food coloring in red and yellow, cups of water and paper. Mix a little of both and you have orange. This can get messy so make sure you use layers and lay down a few sheets of paper to work on rather than staining the table. For this we did use coffee liners. Layer two to three of them because dye will leak through.

It’s fun to play around with the intensity of color. You prepare the dye like you would when dying eggs. Then use the droppers to apply color.

Use brown construction paper for the trunk and place the dried circle on top of the trunk and you have a tree. You can glue a few of the liners together. Make a few cuts to form leaves and then dye.

I did this activity a few years ago but here I am trying to think of a cool project.

See you Monday.