Creative Exploration

Painting an Apple Tree

Last Friday’s post was on painting trees by stamping with your thumb. The beauty of stamping is that you can stamp with any object.

For this tree I used tempera and acrylic paint. I stamped with various sizes of paint brush handle bottoms. Of course I had to mix up the right tones of red and green. Adding a little of the pink red to the brown gave me a beautiful brown.

Here’s the final tree. I love the Green and the Pink Red is just right with the emerald green. These aren’t typical red and green apple tree colors but neither is any life changing story. All I need is to write my quote:

All it takes is one idea, one seed, and one YOU. I love reading the Johnny Appleseed story. If you think about it all awesome ideas simply began with one idea and gradually others came on board. We can all make a difference. I have painted and included a similar tree in my Wise Trees book.

More fall painting ideas coming Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow I begin more research and sketching for the book.