Creative Exploration

Creative Exploration: Animals

Now that I’ve explored textures with water and brushes it’s time to paint some animals. No sketching just paint or what ever it is you have. Project rules are to choose one animal and explore various ways you can draw it. We can change the mood, character and emotion with various elements. There are many ways to draw.

Bird ( This was the warm-up which involved painting a bird with watercolor pencils and marker.

I really had to work through the bird. I had an idea of a flying bird yet it has a fish tale. Not to worry. I may have a story about a bird who looks like a fish. I’m going to seriously think about this. I’ll write about it tomorrow.

First bear on botton left

I wanted to test out some of the textures I created. I messed up on the mouth but this is practice. The importance is I now have a bear who seems sad. Why?

Scary Bear

I love this one. I was instructed to take the brush and spread some paint on the paper. then observe shapes and form a bear. Maybe this bear is misunderstood becasue he’s a bear and unusual.

Draw a bear using geometric shapes (bottom right)

I should have used a better contrasting color.

Use an unusual color and observe changes

Pink makes the bear seem goofy and maybe this could be a story about a bear who changes color.

Big Orange Brown Bear

Love this bear. Here I was able to fully use the texture I discovred with the 1/4 angled Princeton Brush. I believe I have a smaller size brush.

Here are my bears. I admit that I was tempted to give up and call some of these bears faliures. Instead, I let Adolfo’s words guide me. This is practice. Experiment and play like you are a kid. See what happens. You never know where ideas will take you. There’s no perfection. Don’t think.

Hope you enjoyed this. I’ll keep posting and working. This weekend I have a couple of projects planned. I’ll be swatching my new paint palette. I have an fun paiting project to test out my new paint. I’ll be planning the fall workshop. As always, I invite you to create with me.

Oh, I used colored pencils, markers and a little watercolor.

Happy Friday!