Creative Exploration: your brushes

The creativity continues with exploring paint brushes. I like to stamp with ceramic things, q- tips the back of a paint brush handle and what my curiosity demands. The brush makes some cool textures for animal hair. I bought a five pack of Daiso mixed media brushes for $1.50. They work good with acrylic but not with watercolor.

Another surprise was the size 8 brush. Some of these textures work well for bear hair. I painted backwards up instead of upward down.

The idea is to see what happens. You never know what you’ll discover. I have some cool textures for some animals I want to paint.

I used watercolor and acrylic. I’ve got lots of brushes and some random things. Go around the house and see what you can find. Paint with a leaf, stamp with a soda cap, crunched up paper, the back of a lip balm and …

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