Creative Exploration

Creative Exploration: Two Colors

The next step is to take the exploration further with two colors. Here you want to play with your markers and colored pencils. Here’s a list of my favorites.

  1. highlighter + watercolor apply to wet or dry paper or scribble on a ceramic palette and add water
  2. blend with marker and watercolor pencil
  3. drop ink on water
  4. acrylic with marker makes great clouds
  5. painting with a wet highlighter: not to worry the water will dry as you write with it.
  6. add ink to the markers: I didn’t try this but you can!
  7. colored pencil over watercolor pencil: you get a soft texture
  8. marker over transparent layer: I actually colored over the wet layer and it created a nice texture. I’m not sure how to describe it. This is the magenta one by the way.

Playing around with textures made me realize that simple textures can make your work interesting. I’ve come to love texture. Texture can convey emotion or emphasize character. Friday I’ll begin painting paper. I’m going to make fish and bears. Now I’ll go finish exploring my paint brushes and test out my new paint.