Creative Exploration

Creative Exploration: Get to know your tools

It’s Otober 1! I need to get going on the fall workshop. This week I will be sharing my creative exploration projects for a class I’m taking. I’m building a creative journal for texture, technique and color exploration. The first part is is to gather up tools. Everything you can think of. No need to go out and buy new tools. Use what you have. The idea is to see what your tools can do for you.

I painted over glue, used a blush brush ( it’s an old brush that’s no longer used for make-up) to create different textures. The idea is to play like you did when you were a kid. You explore because your curiosity demands it. Without perfection.

The green leaf was made with a stamp. While the stamp was wet I applied water. I forgot about using marker like watercolor. When I’m out of a color I could use markers. Or markers would be an easy way to watercolor on the go. I just realized that my bamboo brush is great for hand lettering.

You see that’s the point of getting to know your tools. By the way, I am using a Canson XL 140 Ib. watetcolor pad. I’ll be making it look more like a journal book. Tomorrow I’ll explore even more by using a few colors.

If you are interested in the class click here.