Creative Exploration

Love You

Henry Ford said,”If you think you can or you can’t you’re probably right.” Many times we think we can’t because we see an awesome artist who is amazing with watercolor, acrylic or pastels or what ever it is you create with. We start measuring. We think we can’t.


I’ve learned that I can draw. This is the number one lesson I’ve learned. I illustrated the entire book with a Sharpie pen. No pencil. Ok, you can see a few pencil marks but 90% is ink drawn. This allowed me to trust in my drawing and love the process.

It helps to have the right tools. By the right tools I mean the ones that work for you. I paint with color. I’m not comfortable with my lettering and yet the entire book was done with black ink. I realize how much I miss and love hand lettering. I’ve started doing collage lettering.

This book got me to open up about ideas and asses my own life. I know that I am no expert on life. I write because this is my dream. Honestly, I will tell you what I didn’t want to reveal in the book. I held a bad attitude certain times during the trip. The reasons are personal but I also thought about the ideas in the book. This book is a response to always seek the positive. All I know is creating makes me forget. Creating makes me feel I can. Not I can but I am. Yesterday I read Wise trees. I smiled. Not because I wrote the book but because it inspired me. I do need this at this point in my life.

As I write this post I suddenly realize that we must always take responsibility for ourselves. We are the universe’s gift to the world. A child of the most high, I am. BUT YOU HAVE TO ACT LIKE IT. LIVE LIKE IT. Otherwise you are subjected to society and that’s the worst place to be. The issue is this is hard.

This week I’ll be sharing my exploration projects on creative exploration. Wate till you see my bears. They are weird but I guess that’s the point. Friday will be the day I launch my book and have it ready for free, the ebook that is.

P.S I am going back to my usual posting time evenings 6pm pacific time. I appreciate all of you.