Don’t Apologize For Your Art

What does apologizing for your art sound like?

Oh I could have done better but I didn’t have the right tools. My letters are too messy. My work doesn’t look like Ana’s. If only I could hand letter like so and so. I’d show this but it’s not good enough. And you post about this on Instagram. Stop! Even if your work looks like this in the beginning stages, don’t apologize for it.

You are an artist and you are learning how to tell your story or perhaps you are. Forget about the rules of art. Create and never apologize for your art. If you’re always apologizing for you work then how can you be confident? You have to be that kid who doesn’t care and simply paints!

This by the way has been the biggest takeaway of writing my latest book Road Trip: lessons for life. Today I finish the last writngs and sketches. I feel good and I knew that I would….

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