Creative Exploration

More sketches and Sharpie Vs. Ink Joy

Here’s some more doodles for the book. I sat at the dinner table drawing and doodling… ways to draw the sun, expressions for the naysayers and supporters, the anchors. I love the sun with the heart shape rays. I didn’t plan on this but as I write I’m thinking, maybe I should use Ink joy pens for this book? The detail for the anchor is beautiful! It’s amazing how much better I draw after a few doodles. I love the guy with the bow tie and the girl with a pony tail and tie. The best drawing happens when you don’t think so much and just let yourself do what you do CREATE.

My besties convenience store is funny. I don’t know why I chose besties. There is a Love’s store. I want to work on my drawing and make this fun. I have one week to get this book together. I haven’t even tried the scanner.

Both Ink Joy and Sharpie are awesome pens. Sharpie gives me the vintage feel that might be good for this book. I’m visualizing a book with cream colored pages and a full color cover page. Sharpie gives you precise smudge free lines. Ink Joy on the other hand, tends to smudge a little. I love the boldness of the color. Ink Joy is a gel pen and gel pens a harder to use. You have to press down harder for the ink to flow out. I’ll stick to Sharpie.